Find Mr. Right in Seven Simple Strategies


It’s been months (or worse, years) since your Facebook status said: “In a Relationship”. That last guy really cleaved your heart out and left you bleeding in the pavement with a lifetime of regrets and lessons. For months, you’ve avoided suitors, dodged on every opportunity to meet new guys and fended off warm gestures from hot dudes in the bar. Your friends have been concerned but all you felt like doing was eating Cheetos, hugging your bolster and watching Star Wars and The Notebook over again.

Suddenly you wake up this morning ready to crawl out of your chrysalis and play. If you’re finally game to find Mr. Right, here are seven simple strategies to make sure all goes well:

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Don’t Wait for Him to Come to You
What an ego booster it would be if a gorgeous, well-mannered, high-paid, sensitive, faithful man is going to knock on your door in the next few seconds, introduce himself to you and say he’s been in love with for the past five years. That’s also highly unlikely. You can wait for it to happen or you can go out there and make it happen! Look for him! Don’t expect too much right away, but put yourself in a position to meet people and get to know them.

Expect to Fall Short a Few Times
When you’re finally out there meeting guys and getting to know them, you will always meet a few that aren’t quite right for you. Don’t get disappointed. Nothing’s perfect and you should understand that this isn’t a failure – its one step closer to Your Dream Man. Don’t expect to find your soul mate on the first night. Hello? All good things are worth the wait, and sometimes, the heartache– it will most likely take some time. Expect to fall short a few times and don’t be too disappointed when you do.

Spend Some Time Thinking about What You Want
It’s crucial to know what you’re looking for. While you’ve probably already spent some time considering Mr. Right’s physical attributes, what would he enjoy? What would his favorite kind of music be? Is he a funny guy? You’ve got to picture yourself on a boring Thursday night with the night. What would you guys want to do? When you think about the things he would enjoy or appreciate, you may realize where to find him. It’s not stalkerish. It’s logical! You’ll know where he hangs out when you really think about what considers him.

Work on Your Confidence
Mr. Right will never make you feel complete if you don’t feel complete by yourself. He’s not some trophy to boost your confidence. Improving your self-esteem is your job. If you wallow in self-pity all the time, you’ll have a pretty tough time dating anyone – let alone Mr. Right. Men find women with confidence extremely attractive. Even if you don’t look like a supermodel, be confident with who you are and appear comfortable in your skin. If you accept and love yourself for who you are, so will Mr. Right when you find him!

Accentuate What Is Wonderful about You
No one looks like magazine models. Even magazine models don’t look like themselves in real life. Get over wanting plumper lips, bigger bosoms or fuller butts. Find your assets and emphasize them with the clothes you wear, the make up you put on and the way you talk. Wear your confidence. Every woman is beautiful and you should accentuate what is beautiful and wonderful about you.

Don’t Be Afraid to Approach Him
If you think the guy across the café is cute, and you want to see how far your “hi” can go, don’t hesitate to walk over and smile. Read the signs first, of course – he’s looking at you and smiling, there is no woman with him, etc. If the coast is clear, walk up to him and say hello. Introduce yourself, talk a bit, then tell him it was nice to meet him and go back to your chair. The next move will be up to him.

Above All – Be Who You Are
When you think you really like this guy you’ve been dating, it can be easy to compromise who you are in an effort to keep things going forward. While it can be difficult to do, you should always be who you are. Don’t compromise your beliefs, your goals, or yourself at all in an attempt to make things work. If he is truly Mr. Right, all you will need to be is who you are.

Be patient and have fun! All will fall into place eventually, and at the end of the day, you’ll see that everything was worth it!  click here for more


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